Alex & Niall - A Waterford Wedding Story

If you are looking for someone to just record your wedding day

Then maybe we are not the best videographers for you.


Man makes a marriage proposal on romantic picnic
Couple reads book together, picnic on the grass

If you are looking for someone to tell the true story of your wedding day -

that I would love to do.

Love couple resting together, picnic in the field

Let's look at your wedding as if it were a story in a good book or a great movie -

We have the two main characters, but it wouldn't be a great movie if you just have the same two people in the shot all the time.

So we include the supporting actors, the extras, the location and the set.

You and your partner are the executive producers. You have a love story that you want to tell.

Before any camera starts rolling, you must have everything in place to tell the story and how you want the world to see it.

You spend a year or two researching and planning it all out -

The Cast







Camera Person

( Sound familiar )

Finally, The day of shooting is here ( your wedding day ) - you can't do anymore preparing - your job is done.

Time for the camera person to press record.

It's time for all your hard work to shine!

But you and your partner are the leading roles in this movie.

You only have one day to shoot it -  You have to put all your TRUST in your filming crew.

Who do you hire !

Do you hire the guy/girl that said :

" I will record your film for a low price "


Do you hire the guy/girl that said :

I know how hard you have worked on putting everything in place for this one day.

I will record your film with a full team using -

The best lighting

The best audio

The best background soundtrack.

I will get close ups of tears, laughter, hugging, kisses, handshakes.

I will get the style & colours, I will make the colours pop.

I will get it from different angles, from in the air to low to the ground. 

I will Tell your story 

Capturing authentic, genuine moments that reflect you and the people surrounding you on your wedding day. 

You get the picture!

We work hard because you have worked hard

to make your Wedding Day Perfect

Orla & Derek - A Waterford Wedding Story

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