Are we the best Wedding Videographers for your wedding day.

While searching for a wedding videographer you may have come across the terms Documentary or Cinematic style wedding video. Put simply, the difference is how your wedding day recording is approached and how the final production will be delivered.

We offer a blend of both.

We discreetly capture the key moments while a second shooter is always scanning for those unique personal shots of your family and friends. Our main aim is to blend into the background and capture the true emotions of your wedding day, no coaching, posing, or interruption. We are very aware that most people can be camera shy and we will never make anyone feel uncomfortable in the presence of the video camera.

We want to tell a story that is true to you and represents you both as a couple. Capturing authentic, genuine moments that reflect you and the people surrounding you on your wedding day. We are always focused on the little interactions between people, paying attention to emotions, funny moments or what your little ones are getting up to through out the day.

We tell this beautiful artistic story by incorporating all the little details that will make your wedding day uniquely yours. If you planned for something or someone to be part of your wedding day, then we believe that it should be captured.

So how do you know what style of videography will fit into your wedding day?

Think about who will be the audience to your wedding film and who you will want to share it with, your funky friends who just want a short incite of your day or your family & close friends who will want to see every minute again. We have designed our Pricing Options to suit all couples

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