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Professional Wedding Videographer and Licensed Drone Operator based in Waterford City.

“ Mountain meadow by a river ” is the translation for my favourite place in the world. This forest hill over looking the three sister rivers is know locally as “ The Minaun ”.

Growing up my Grandfather was a forester in the area and summer holidays for me were not the norm. As soon as the sun rose over Co. Waterford my Grandfather was beeping the horn on his Honda 50 outside my house. Jumping on the back of his bike “with no helmet ” released a sense of freedom inside me that could only be  compared to that of a child on Christmas eve. This is most definitely where the source of my love of motorcycles began. I still feel that sense of freedom, when I rev the throttle on my own motor bike. Letting the road take me to the most beautiful places this part of the world has to offer.

On my travels over the years, I began to realise that this beauty needed to be captured. So a purchase of a good stills camera was a must. They were only my photos, others had no connection with the images as they were never at that place. I began to create stories with my images and connected them to people. I wanted to tell the whole story, one which included all those atmospheric nuances that may otherwise be missed, I wanted to show the movement, the human connection, I wanted to hear that stream flowing, the birds singing, the bells of that church in the distant background and the voices of the people in my story. My creative path was leading me to all things video. Video led me to telling the most wonderful and powerful story of them all “ A Love Story ”.

My appreciation for nature has taught me if you just sit and be, you will take in more of your surroundings, this is how I approach my weddings. The story of your wedding day includes all that is going on around you and I don’t only mean the decor or scenery of a location. The laughter, the emotions, the beauty of the flowers and dresses, and the most important thing in your surroundings will be the people that love you. My goal is to quietly capture your complete story naturally, as it happens, with little or no interruption from me. My excitement kicks in at the editing studio.

On your wedding day, just think of the path that lead you to this place and time. Think about how you first met, think about all the adventures and moments you’ve shared that brought you to your wedding day. Thinking back on those days as child sitting on the top of the minaun with 360 views of Waterford, Wexford, South Tipperary, Kilkenny and even as far a Co. Carlow. My path was being created and ready to take me to all these places I could only dream of back then. It eventually led me to you.

I believe anything is possible these days. I remember a time when I wished I could fly! Last year I did my training to become a drone operator. Now I can Fly!

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