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MDM Wedding Films

Professional Wedding Videographer based in Waterford City.

While sitting down to write this “about me” section of my website, I stared at a blank page for ages trying to think of something impressive or extraordinary to write, it didn’t come naturally. So I have decided to just be honest and tell my story from the heart.

Born in Waterford, I'm a Deise Man to the core. I share the name Mark McCabe with the Maniac 2000 DJ, but as I’m slightly older than him I will always say he copied my name to gain success LOL. I’m not a music maestro but after 16 years in the wedding business I do consider myself a maestro in “ A Wedding Day ”

My journey into weddings began in 2005. I was at my sister in laws wedding and I just brought my little handy cam to capture some behind the scenes family footage. I excitedly created a little personal video for them and they loved it. This got me thinking. Why was the professional videographer not capturing the family and friends moments and just focusing the whole video around the Bride & Groom? Of course, the couple are the main characters in this story, but there is so much more to tell and see on a wedding day.

I invested in some good gear and put it out there that I could capture and create your wedding video in a totally different way. In my first year, I did 6 weddings followed by 22 weddings the second year, it just took off. 16 years later and a lot more gear and I can honestly say I love my job. What better job can one have watching people happy & celebrating all day long.

Behind every great man, there has to be a great woman right !

My great woman is my amazing Wife Darina. Working behind the scenes she keeps it all ticking over in our business and our home life. Without her, I most definitely wouldn’t be where I am today. To future proof our business, We have a 15-year-old son who is a true techy, I have no doubt that his input into our business will educate me and keep it current. As a small family of three, we are very tight & there is no better feeling after a long days shoot to be always greeted at home with warm hugs. It's just piped at the post by the feeling I get when a Bride emails me to tell me she LOVED her wedding film. I get a great personal buzz from that!

My Life Moto's

Always stay true to yourself.

Always do an honest day's work.

Always go with your gut!

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