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MDM Wedding Films was founded by Husband and Wife, Darina and Mark McCabe. We are the longest-established wedding videographers in Waterford and Kilkenny. We are known for capturing and telling a wedding day story that is both unique and personal to each couple we work with.

The story of a wedding day is like a good book or a great movie with a love story entwined throughout. The couple are the main characters, with family and friends playing the supporting roles.

The location also plays a part, dotted with decor that represents the personality and principles of the couple.

We tell the true and authentic story of your wedding day!

What Makes Us Different?

MDM has spent many years crafting a talent that enables them to see beyond the visual and create stories filled with laughter, chit-chat, emotional hugs, and friendship bonds that you know exist from a simple smile or a subtle hand squeeze.

The love story goes beyond the couple and leaks into the supporting people surrounding them on their wedding day. We see the love between, Parents, Grandparents, Siblings, other Family Members, and Best Friends. That’s what we like to capture!

We want to document your wedding day, capturing the real emotions and joy of you as a couple, and the people sharing the most important day of your life with you both.

Your Wedding film will look and feel unique to you as a couple, never looking the same as anyone else's. We don't use the same staged shots over and over, in fact, we don't ask you to pose or stage any shots during the day.   

Mark is the leading videographer with MDM Wedding Films, operating from a distance is an etiquette he practices to remain respectful to you and your wedding guests during the day. He is not there to ask you to pose for the camera or do any staged shots. He doesn’t want you or your guests to feel uncomfortable in the presence of a camera at any stage during the day.

Both Mark and Darina are experienced editors. Working together they will give you a beautiful visual memory of your wedding day. A treasured keepsake that you can share with friends today and also relive with your children and grandchildren in future years to come.

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Precision & Creative storytelling takes time, so we do limit the number of weddings we film each year. Giving us time to give our couples the absolute best, and also giving us precious family time with our young Son.

Family is important to us, maybe that's why we understand the family dynamic on a wedding day so well.

We are firm believers in work/life balance!

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If our style is something that interests you, please do get in touch, your date may still be available. 

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