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Wedding Whispers

Secrets to a Stress-Free Wedding

When your job is attending, capturing, and looking back on weddings, you learn a thing or two along the way. 

I am deep in the detail of every wedding I am filming, so I see things that most couples or guests don't see. Things that work beautifully and things that have turned couples into a ball of stress. 

So I started this blog to share my insights and help couples with those little details that they sometimes might oversee.

 Most couples getting married have never planned such a big event before and it's nice to have an insider give you some tips and tricks to ensure your day runs smoothly.


When we dream of a winter wedding we imagine little snowflakes slowly falling from the sky. The Bride & Groom romantically walking hand in hand in the empty park. Throwing fluffy snowballs that just go puff into the air before they hit the Bride. Oh wouldn’t it be so magical to have snow on your wedding day right ! Not if you want your day to run smoothly.

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