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How to Choose the Right Wedding Videographer for You

When Choosing a Wedding Videographer

Ask Yourself These 3 Questions

1. What do I want to do with my wedding video, after my wedding?

For Example:

Have an after-party watching the video back with family & friends.

Re-watch the day, seeing our family & friends having fun.

Reminisce on how great our day was on every anniversary.

Preserve precious memories of loved ones who may have passed since my wedding day.

Create a list of everything that will be important to you on your wedding day. Will your videographer’s style allow for capturing those moments for you?

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2. Does this Videographer offer everything on my list?

Every Wedding Videographer has a different style and can offer very different Wedding Videos. This is where you will start to see the pricing differences.

Some will be just starting out and willing to offer low pricing, whereas an experienced videographer will charge more because it's less lightly that something will go wrong.

 Some will offer a very cinematic-styled shoot & edit, this style takes more time on the day and a lot more time to edit. Although the finished video is normally shorter in length, it takes a lot more time & equipment to make it work therefore you can expect to pay more.

Some will offer packages where they will film only part of your day at a cheaper rate & some will have higher packages with additional services.

Some will offer a candid documentary shoot, where they capture everything naturally in real time & will not stage or set up any shots. A documentary film would cover most of your day & it normally runs in chronological order. If you're nervous about the camera, this could be a good option for you.

Finally, some videographers are much more creative than others and are skilled at telling a story really well. They just have an eye for capturing on-the-spot moments, be it, emotional, personal or fun. Again you can expect to pay more for such skills.

Check out our full detailed guide

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3. When watching previous weddings or samples of the videographer's work,

How does it make you feel?

1. Do you feel emotional?

2. Did it make you smile?

3. Did it make you say WOW! I like that.

4. Could you see yourself and your family in that wedding story?

Take your time and do your research, Look at lots of their work. Read reviews.

Ask friends & family do they know anyone that has worked with this videographer before and get feedback.

Remember, your wedding day can only be captured once!

A few other things to consider when you are choosing a wedding videographer, are they local?

When a videographer is based in an area, it usually means they will work a lot in the same venues and with the same suppliers. Believe me, when I say, this would be a huge asset to your wedding.

From my own experience, as a Waterford based wedding videographer, we only cover weddings in Waterford, Kilkenny and Wexford because the venues and the other wedding suppliers are familiar to us.

When you work with the same team of people on a regular basis, everything runs much more smoothly. That way the couple will always get the best experience. If something does go wrong, chances are I will have a name and a number on my phone and any issues that may arise can be sorted, sometimes without the couple even knowing there was an issue in the first place.

Having local suppliers will always be a huge asset to your wedding.

What exactly will you receive after your wedding?

How will your video/s be delivered and how will you be able to watch them?

For example, We host our weddings Online with a private password-protected page for each client. These videos are accessible to watch on your phone or laptop. We also provide our clients with a hand-crafted USB, to watch on your smart tv.

We even provide short clips that can be easily shared on your socials.

Everything should be easy for you to access at any time you wish.

Some days you will want to rewatch it all and some days you will just like to have a quick reminisce and watch a shorter video.

Make sure you are getting everything you want on the other side of your wedding day and ask when you should expect to receive the finished videos.

Finally and maybe most importantly

Choose a wedding videographer that complements your wedding photographer. 

For example, MDM Wedding Films shoot for a documentary-style film, so our shots would be very candid and natural. We would work well with a photographer that will shooting mostly candid shots on your wedding day.

The cherry on top of that partnership would be if we partner up on a regular basis. When a videographer and a photographer work together a lot, they become familiar with each other's style of shooting. They will give each other their own space to work and never get in each other's way. Which in turn will give you the very best photos & videos of your wedding day. 

For this reason alone I reiterate the importance of considering booking local suppliers for your wedding.

After considering all of the above factors, you may find that MDM Wedding Films may be a good fit for you.

To find out more about what we can offer you for your wedding day videography

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