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Winter Wedding

Be careful what you wish for!

When we dream of a winter wedding we imagine little snowflakes slowly falling from the sky. The Bride & Groom romantically walking hand in hand in the empty park. Throwing fluffy snowballs that just go puff into the air before they hit the Bride. Oh, wouldn’t it be so magical to have snow on your wedding day right? Not if you want your day to run smoothly.

In Ireland a rainy day is typical, a sunny day is uplifting, but a snow day is the most exciting day ever. Do you remember as children when we would have a snowfall overnight, we would all gather around the radio waiting for someone to announce that your school was closed for the day? Blissfully unaware that working grown-ups had no such announcement on their radio and it’s not going to be so much fun for them.

We are so unequipped to deal with heavy snow as we don’t see it too often. So we improvise, communities pull together and every person who owns a 4x4 or a tractor will report for duty anywhere they are needed. I have experienced the best example of this community spirit last March, during ‘ the beast from the east ‘ storm.

Its Like snow on your wedding day

The night before the wedding

The night before the wedding of Karen & John Paul Kelly, the snow began to fall quite heavily. The phones were hopping all night trying to come up with a few plan Bs’. The wedding ceremony was planned to take place in the small village church of Kilmacow, Co Kilkenny and the reception was to take place in The Tower Hotel in Waterford City. Soon the roads that connected the two venues would be impassable.

The Tower Hotel were the first to step up, they offered the Bride & Grooms families to stay in the hotel that night. Plus any family or friends who needed to move before they got snowed in. The hotel even offered to hold the ceremony in their ballroom the next day.

Great sorted, not so much!  

Now the Priest had to get permission from the bishop of the diocese to say mass in a hotel. So the mother of the bride stepped into action & rang the big red telephone at the bishop's office, she asked that permission be granted for the priest to say mass on non-sacred ground.

They got it!

The snow fell heavy that night & it was now up to Me, ( The Wedding Videographer ) to get there. Luckily my wife has a little Suzuki Jeep with excellent 4-wheel drive. We cleared off the snow, and filled the Jeep with our gear, wrapping up well in case we had to make some of the journey on foot. Off we went chugging down the road on fresh soft snow. We stalled, we slid, we skidded but we got there! 

We were greeted by a hive of activity. Brendan McCarthy ( aka the singing chef ) made an early appearance on a borrowed tractor, ready to help transport anyone or anything. The wedding photographer John Delaney had arrived from Kilkenny, not knowing if he would make it home again that night. The crew of Virgin Media News were there reporting updates on the weather to the nation.

Guests were arriving two by two on tractors.

It was all going on!

Inside the hotel was warm, cosy and calm. This Wedding Ceremony was really something special. A lot of love for Karen and John Paul and pure dedication from their family and friends to be there and share their day with them. But the excitement was just electric when the wedding made it onto our TV screens and was broadcast all over the country on the national news channels.

This was most definitely one of our most memorable shoots. 

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